Metatranscriptomics by in situ RNA stabilization directly and comprehensively revealed episymbiotic microbial communities of deep-sea squat lobsters.

Deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystems remain mysterious. To depict in detail the enigmatic life of chemosynthetic microbes there, which are key primary producers, metatranscriptomic analysis is expected to be a promising approach. However, this has …

Compositional and Functional Shifts in the Epibiotic Bacterial Community of Shinkaia crosnieri Baba & Williams (a Squat Lobster from Hydrothermal Vents) during Methane-Fed Rearing


Biometric assessment of deep-sea vent megabenthic communities using multi-resolution 3D image reconstructions

私は沖縄トラフの熱水噴出孔に生息するゴエモンコシオリエビに関するデータ測定を担当した:ゴエモンの体の大きさ(殻長・殻幅)のデータと、ゴエモン一個体あたりの窒素と炭素量の測定と13C/12Cの同位体比の測定、現場におけるゴエモン一個体あたりのメタン消費量(深海から捕獲後すぐに船上で測定)。 個人的なコメントを今後書く予定です。

Molecular evidence of digestion and absorption of epibiotic bacterial community by deep-sea crab Shinkaia crosnieri

The hydrothermal vent crab Shinkaia crosnieri is considered to obtain nutrition from the epibiotic bacteria found on the setae, but previous studies have not shown how nutrients can be transferred from the epibionts to the host. In this study,we …